The first integrated tourism township in Labuan Bajo

The Story

first integrated Tourism Township in the heart of Labuan Bajo where you can explore the authentic culture of Bajo, strolling around shopping arcades, and start the unforgettable adventure.

Mawatu is a perfect paradise with exquisite scenery, located in Labuan Bajo of Flores Island. The International Komodo Airport can be reached from Mawatu Town Centre within 15 minutes by car.

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Why Mawatu

Mawatu in Labuan Bajo offers extraordinary ocean views and is set amidst pristine sandy coves, lush green pristine land. With the upcoming completion of internal roads, water, and power lines, the value of this highly desirable town will increase massively in the next 6-12 months.

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Invest With Us

As an established brand (Vasanta), we have quickly discovered the potential of Labuan Bajo. We are just as dedicated to our clients ‘investments’ success at Mawatu as we are certain of Labuan Bajo’s great potential. The tourism visitors to Labuan Bajo and the Komodo Park have increased rapidly, whether from Domestic or International Tourism. Mawatu gives you the opportunity to be an early bird in terms of Investment in a fast-growing tourist destination.

Secure Investment

Mawatu works closely with the government and will assist you with Permits, Legals, and Immigration processes.

Invest with Us

We are in a position to provide you with the first opportunity to invest in a unique Project in Flores because we are the first Town Center on Labuan Bajo.


Mawatu has limited Units and already well-named Brands from Bali in place. Therefore we are confident to forecast the Return on Investment about 7-8% as a starting point.

Labuan Bajo

According to the October 2019 data from Komodo Airport, the town in East Nusa Tenggara saw a 16.17 percent year-on-year (yoy) increase in foreign tourist arrivals. Agustinus Rinus, the head of West Manggarai Tourism Agency, says that “163,807 tourists visited Labuan Bajo in 2018 and that it received 184,206 visitors in 2019.”

In 2018, the West Manggarai regency’s revenue from tourism fees was said to have reached Rp 34 billion ($2,490,604), doubling in 2019 to Rp 60 billion. “This is a significant rise following our attempt to curb tourist boats that brought tourists to diving  spots.”

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