Create your own Business in Labuan Bajo

Are you already an entrepreneur or just willing to create your dreamed Company?
Don’t miss this opportunity to settle on the beautiful island of Labuan Bajo. An entirely new city is coming off the ground with all facilities and equipment you need to make your business successful. This offer is limited in time, don’t miss this entrepreneur opportunity!

Make your project a Reality in Labuan Bajo

The current situation makes a lot of people realize that they need change, a fresh start. Living in a crowded city, doing a job only to be able to pay the bill without enjoying life and nature… It is time to change. As a whole new city, a lot of businesses are to be created: food stores, clothes, grocery stores, gym clubs, yoga centers, bookstores…
this opportunity is unique for you to be the first one.

Labuan Bajo is the perfect place to create a successful Business

Welcoming thousands of tourists arriving on the island every day, the situation will be even better as soon as international flights are allowed. With only national tourists, your business can be profitable from day one.
Many famous Bali Brands have already booked places in order to be ready for the opening and take the best places.

A profitable Entrepreneur Opportunity

Mawatu is scheduled to open in 2022. The borders start to open on October 14th, 2021 starting with 18 countries and gradually back to the previous situation. With only the current attendance of national tourists, this project is already profitable from the very first day.
Imagine the extra profits you will be able to make once international travelers are able to come?

Don’t miss this Entrepreneur Opportunity

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