Labuan Bajo

The Island

Labuan Bajo, or Labuhan Bajo, is the most westerly municipality on Flores Island. It lies at the town’s western extremity and is home to numerous attractions. The stunning beach cities of Labuan Bajo were formerly a modest fishing village that has now grown into a gateway to several unusual places in East Nusa Tenggara.

People & Culture

The Sumbawa ethnic group in Labuan Bajo has a traditional culture as its legacy, such as the Bala Rea house. The Bala Rea house is a unique structure that must be seen, it’s the old palace from long ago, and it continues on to the north with the ancestors’ burial ground. The Kingdom’s Mosque Nurul Huda Mosque is located in the west of Bala Rea Palace.

Main Features

  • Province: East Nusa Tenggara
  • Regency: West Manggarai
  • Area: 9.450 km2
  • Population: 274.689 (2019)
  • Main Ethnic Group: Sumbanese

Labuan Bajo sets as one of five top-priority tourism destinations in Indonesia by President Joko Widodo. The government has set a major renovation target in the Labuan Bajo area, including the airport, roads and sidewalks, as well as the availability of clean water.

The Komodo International Airport is expecting to accommodate up to 4 million passengers per year.

The Experience & Attractions

The number of vacationers is increasing rapidly, however, the rapid rise in visitors is putting some strains on the local environment. Facility development to support tourist activities has exploded recently, although the fast growth in numbers of tourists is placing certain constraints on the environment.

Mountain Biking
Komodo National Park
Nurul Huda Mosque
Padar Island

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