Start your own Restaurant Business in Labuan Bajo

Are you a restaurateur or just simply have a passion for the Food and Beverage Industry and thinking of a very new place to build your own space and Brand?
Become a part of this new opportunity and join well-established Bali famous F&B Brands such as La Brisa, La Laguna, La Favela, Mason Restaurants, and many more…
Don’t miss this unique opportunity, places are limited!

The Restaurant Business will always remain Profitable

During the lockdown, the F&B industry has suffered such as customers. From all the limitations, the restricted access to restaurants and other social spaces has probably been one of the most difficult that we had to endure. With fewer and fewer tourists and crowds, the Industry had no other choice than to reinvent itself and provide new services, improve the quality of services in order to attract the remaining few. But then, some places are still fully booked. People will always try to find good places, not only to eat or drink but also to share an experience, social activity.

Labuan Bajo, the perfect place to start your Restaurant Business

While Labuan Bajo has been somewhat less commercial than Bali, it means that every new single thing that you will bring there will be the new Trend. The Nature of the Land itself with so many local farmers and so many spices, vegetables, and fruits will provide all ingredients to create the New cuisine that will attract people to come.

Hangout, showing up, sharing experiences on social media..
Mawatu in Labuan Bajo provides everything you need to attract food lovers.
The entire city is built with respect to the environment, surrounded by nature, easily accessible with the new international airport and it will, without doubt, become the next place to be for people who are looking for a better lifestyle.

A profitable opportunity

Mawatu is scheduled to open in 2022. The borders start to open on October 14th, 2021 starting with 18 countries and gradually back to the previous situation. With only the current attendance of national tourists, this project is already profitable from the very first day.
Imagine the extra profits you will be able to make once international travelers are able to come?

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