Start your own Gym Business in Labuan Bajo

Have you ever dreamed of opening your own gym? People are more than ever concerned about their health and wellness.
The actual Pandemic and social distancing have created an emergency feeling of health concern, physically and mentally. Gym and Wellness establishments are everywhere spared by the economic crisis. Wellness is definitely a new trend in the lifestyle business.

The business of Gym and Wellness is booming everywhere

Social distancing, quarantine, lockdown… all of those events have created a huge concern about Health. People are more and more aware of the importance of being in good health. Social Media and Internet Websites have witnessed an incredible traffic increase, especially channels that provide tips and tricks to improve your average Health condition.
From your normal daily Gym to the latest trend in Workouts such as Crossfit, Hiit, Yoga and meditation sessions, and even to the fun ecstatic dance class, people are eager to use every possible way to be healthy.

Labuan Bajo, the perfect place to start your Gym Business

The Island of Labuan Bajo is a paradisiac place to establish your Gym and at the same time it’s can be your new home with our Shophouses.
Surrounded by protected nature, mountains, mangroves, sea but also providing all facilities and modern equipment to make life easier, the Mawatu project is without a doubt an ideal place for creating a Gym Business.
Shops, Coworking Spaces, Hotels, Restaurants. An entire new City will rise from the ground to become the place to be for every person looking for an ideal holiday or Work destination.
And whatever reason makes people come will not change the fact that they will dedicate at least 45mn to hours every day to maintain their Health, Mental and Physical Condition.

A profitable opportunity

Mawatu is scheduled to open in 2022. The borders start to open on October 14th, 2021 starting with 18 countries and gradually back to the previous situation. With only the current attendance of national tourists, this project is already profitable from the very first day.
Imagine the extra profits you will be able to make once international travelers are able to come?

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